Triticale Wheat Seed


Main characteristics

  • Growth habit: winter
  • Growth type:
    decumbent, slow growth, with tillering tending to ascend
  • Height: 100 - 110 cm
  • Spike:
    yellow-white color, curved, high density and awns.
  • Grain: elongated, small size, yellow.

Agronomic characteristics

  • Precocity:
    It requires vernalization, recommended for early autumn and winter sowing.
  • Stands:
    Moderate resistance to brackling. For its high yielding level, a growth regulator is recommended.

Recommended sowing zones:

  • It is recommended for locations between the north of the La Araucania and Los Lagos Regions, including Los Rios Region.

Seeding time

  • Early sowing from April to May is recommended.

Phytopathological Characteristics

  • Stripe rust:
  • Crown rust:
  • Powdery mildew:
  • Leaf blotch:
    not present