Common Raps Seeds

IMAGEOS CL Cis Rapeseeds

Quality characteristics

  • Resistant to Clearfield herbicide (BASF Eurilightning)
  • Semi-late winter type hybrid, earlier than DK IMMINENT CL.
  • Lower plant height compared to DK IMMINENT CL at the moment of harvesting.
  • Double Phoma resistance.
  • High shattering resistance
  • Excellent yields, especially in Rapaco / La Union Zone.
  • Great stability, adaptability and establishment speed.

INIA Carillanca Tests Results

8 trial average in the last 4 seasons (2013/2014/2015/2016)

Hybrid Kg/ha Oil %
DK Imageos CL 5.556 47,5
  • Adaptation zoneVII to X Region
  • Seeding timeMarch to May, according to the zone
  • Seed rate2,5 a 3,0 kg/Ha