Common Raps Seeds

Expertise Cis Rapeseeds

It is the hybrid rapeseed with greater yield in our varieties.

Plant description

Semi-late winter hybrid, similar in precociousness to DK IMMINENT CL. Distinct plant structure, early branching capacity from the base of the plant and lower dosage compensation.

Quality characteristics

  • Excellent establishment speed with great initial vigor.
  • Double Phoma tolerance and high tolerance to stem rot.
  • High shattering resistance.
  • Very high oil content in the grain.

INIA Carillanca Tests Results

10 trial average in the last 5 seasons (2012 to 2015)

Hybrid Kg/ha Oil %
DK Expertise 5.785 48,7
  • Adaptation zoneVIII to X Region
  • Seeding timeMarch to May, according to the zone
  • Seed rate2,0 a 2,5 kg/Ha