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By being pioneers in seeding, processing and selling canola oil in Chile, Oleotop S.A. became a national leader in the production and commercialization of this product. Canola oil is sold for human and animal consumption in Chile and other countries in Latin America.

Canola oil

Recognized worldwide for its fatty acids balanced composition, Canola oils is one of the healthiest oils.

Recognized worldwide for its fatty acids balanced composition, Canola oils is one of the healthiest oils.

  • Low content of saturated fatty acids.
  • High Omega 3 content.
  • Rich in Vitamin E.
  • Helps to lower cholesterol.
  • Free from erucic acid.
  • 100% GMO free.
  • High oleic canola.
    • Excellent for use in the food industry.
    • It does not require hydrogenation, avoiding production of trans fats.
aceite de canola

Oleotop S.A. produces the following types of crude canola oil:

  • First pressing virgin oil.
  • First hot pressing oil.
  • Second hot pressing oil.
  • High oleic oil.
  • All of our oil varieties are GMO free.
  • All of our oil varieties are free of additives.

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Canola Meal

Widely used in cattle, pork, poultry and aquaculture

Rapeseed the main annual sowing crops in Chile, with about 50,000 ha. A non-GMO crop characterized by being low in erucic acid (<2%) and low in glucosinolates (<30 μmol / g). The annual production is approximately 250.000 tons of seeds, which, after being processed, generate 46% oil and 54% bran. The latter is widely used in cattle, swine, poultry and aquaculture industry feed due to its nutritional value, as it has a good amino acid profile, with high contents of lysine and cystine. The main source of carbohydrate is fiber, much of it in the form of acid detergent fiber (fda) and as neutral detergent fiber (fdn). The latter can be up to 10% higher than the fda. The mineral composition is relatively better compared to other oilseed crops, being especially good as a source of phosphorus and selenium. Like other vegetables that provide phosphorus, a portion of it is presented as phytate.

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