Agrotop Holding

Bringing agricultural products from one of the purest corners of the planet to the world.


The farming fields in the South of Chile, right between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, are blessed with a unique combination of climate and soil which allows us to harvest crops of outstanding quality. Deep soils rich in nutrients, the purest water coming from the high mountains, the commitment and passion with which the farmers work their fields, and the highest standards for the industrial production come together to give the cereals and oil seeds from this corner of the world, right next to the Patagonia, its worldwide fame. Since its origins in 1950, Agrotop Enterprises and their branch offices have actively participated in fostering this development, seeking to fulfill the requirements of our customers in Chile and the rest of the world with the highest quality products and services. We focus on innovation, commitment to efficient farm management and the quality of our products, all of these achieved with highly qualified staff and cutting-edge technology.